Chronology of Events in Cambodia and East Timor

according to Chomsky


see also: The Propaganda Model: A Case Study



East Timor


Early 70s: USA bombs Cambodia (during Vietnam War). Downplayed by US media.


Khmer Rouge gains support and takes over Cambodia in 1975. Now "right story" for US media: atrocities exaggerated.







NY Times Index 1975-79

Cambodia: 1.175 Column Inchs

After Independence from Portugal civil war. Victory for left-wing Fretilin.


Indonesia invades December 7th 1975 (a few days after Ford and Kissinger had visited Indonesia).


US provided 90% of the arms.


1978 atrocities approach genocidal level.


A few people in the US lobby for the issue.


NY Times Index 1975-79

Timor: 70 Column Inchs



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