Excerpt from "Manufacturing Consent" (short version) : ideal as an introduction

Excerpt from "Manufacturing Consent" (long version) : with critical annotations, locations and comments.

Chomsky's propaganda model (from Manufacturing Consent)

The propaganda model: a Case Study (East Timor) (from Manufacturing Consent)

Chronology of events in East Timor and Cambodia (according to Chomsky)

Chomsky's views on the English revolution (from Manufacturing Consent)

Chomsky's views on advertisement (from Manufacturing Consent)

Chomsky and terrorism (from Necessary Illusions)

Please note: many of Chomsky's arguments (particularly regarding Cambodia) remain disputed. Consult the links in the "critical viewpoints" section for an overview of what his critics say.




Chomsky Link List (new!)

Robert F.Barsky's biography of Noam Chomsky (new!)

About Noam Chomsky (new!)


Critical viewpoints (new!)

Criticism of Chomsky's theories, particularly regarding the Cambodia case

Sophal Ear: The Khmer Rouge Canon 1975-1979: The Standard Total Academic View on Cambodia (Undergraduate Political Science Honors Thesis)

Noam Chomsky: A Critical Review by Russil Wvong