The History of this Homepage



My internet "career" started when I began my studies at Vienna University in October 1995. Compared to the standards of today the internet was primitive at this point. However, a few pioneers, like, had already started to explore the strange new worlds of cyberspace.

I, too, got interested in the web, learnt some basic html tags and started working on my first website in 1996. At this time I discovered Geocities - back then virtually the only free webspace provider.The design of my site was supposed to look like a space station - with different docking bays, a habitat ring and so on. I even designed a logo for this station (see below). With hindsight, this was a rather ambitious project and I suppose I lacked the necessary design skills to implement such a complex proposal. You can take a look at the outcome here and here (links and a few images do no longer work).

In 1998 I decided that this project had really gathered too much dust and that a redesign was urgently necessary. At the time I was into frames and colourful button so you can imagine that the page I designed was both heavily "framed" and included many flashing gizmos. Here is the second version of the page (without frames though)

At the time I am writing this (2001) the third redesign has been finished. This time I have opted for a rather dignified layout with a dark red background and a (hopefully) simple and clear arrangement of links. Let's see what the future has in store for this version of my homepage. In 2002, I completed a " offical webpage " for job applications.



self-created banner 1996

self-created logo, 1997

The Heptarchy multiverse


a nostalgic reminder of many battles fought in my youth...

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