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American Drug Policy, published in e-notes

Is the book dead?

Die im Dunkeln sieht man nicht (Eindrücke einer Reise nach Washington) (ad hoc 4/97)

The state versus the individual

In einem Heim für geistig Behinderte (Eindrücke eines Zivildieners)


Book Reviews


Critical Applied Linguistics: a Critical Introduction.(Alastair Pennycook)

Introducing New English Literatures (Albert-Reiner Claap)

The Phonology of English as an International Language (Jennifer Jenkins)

The Politics of English: A Marxist View of Language (Marnie Holborow)

The Man in the High Castle (Philip. K. Dick) (external link)

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Academic Articles


From Anglocentrism to TEIL (2000b) Views 9/1: 69-72 (external link)

EIL and language tuition (2001a) A response to Hüttner and Kidd Views 10/1 4-6. (external link)

EIL: a global, a European and An Austrian perspective (2001b) Views 10/1 48-59 (external link)

Multilingualism or “English Only”? The EU at a linguistic crossroad. Global View 11/2000 (external link)



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