Notes from the 1st Basel Sustainable Publishing Forum – Dialog with Learned Societies

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1st Basel Sustainable Publishing Forum.

Dialog with Learned Societies: Sustainable Solutions for Successful Transition to Open Access.

09/09/2019 , University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland.

The event was organised by MDPI (MDPI AG on behalf of MDPI Sustainability Foundation), Dr. Franck Vaszquez.

Executive summary

This content-rich event discussed the prominent issues related to open access and the transition of learned societies

  • The updated plan S implementation guidance was presented: the timeline was extended to 1 January 2021, there is greater clarify on compliance routes (immediate green OA is acceptable), a more elaborate governance structure, including an office, will be set up, technical requirements for green OA have been simplified and there is more emphasis on collaboration with the stakeholder groups affected
  • The main results on a new study looking at the transformation of learned societies towards open access were presented, highlighting a variety of business models: additionally to the APC model, transformative agreements (between publishers and library consortia), cooperative infrastructures, immediate archiving with CC-BY licence, open publishing platforms, cost reductions and other models are discussed in the report, which also includes recommendations for society publishers, funders, libraries and universities.
  • Case Studies from learned societies in transition were presented, including the decision of one society to switch to platinum OA, and another to set up a structured process to handle the transformation. A third one is resigned to 10% reduction in income
  • A landscaping analysis highlighted the fact that “conventional publishers” are very active in the open access space. However, OA still allows publishing in countries and languages that are not prominent in mainstream conventional publishing. Already 1077 societies publish 1,043 fully OA journals.
  • Several OA initiatives and publishers were presented: the fair open access alliance, including their work on identifying APC price breakdown categories for increased transparency in the context of the TTOA consortium, F1000 (outlining OA myths), Copernicus, MDPI, Frontiers (e.g. on AI), Wiley (focus on transformative agreements) and Ubiquity Press.

Full report 

My full report is available for download in pdf format: Sustainability_Forum_Publishing (1)

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