Save EU research funding

Have you benefited from Horizon 2020? Now is your time to stand up for the programme

What is this about?

In the discussion on the EU budget for the years 2021-2027, the European Council’s budget compromise foresees a radical reduction for the new research and innovation programme Horizon Europe.

Although negotiations with the European Parliament (which can either accept or reject the budget) are still on going, time is running out to save Horizon Europe from chronic under funding.

What you can do?

As an Austrian citizen I have therefore written to Chancellor Kurz as well as to the rotating Presidency of the EU, currently held by Germany, to urge them to “top up” the budget for Horizon Europe. The Heads of State and Governments will have a crucial say on this.

If you have benefited from Horizon 2020 help saving its successor by writing directly to your head of state or government and the German presidency, ideally before the next European Council. If you like, you can use the templates below:

  • a template for a letter to the Austrian chancellor (in German) – I developed this template for my own letter
  • a template for a letter to the German presidency (in German or in English )
  • a template for a letter to your Head of State or Government (in English, you may want to translate)

Feel free to use these templates or modify them as you see fit. Please note that I do not take legal liability for their use. Given the timing, I recommend that you send these letters as an email as well as as a postal letter. Tempus fugit !

Disclaimer: I am not getting any payment from any source in providing this. This activity stems from my convictions that we as citizens must become active in supporting policies that we care about.

More information

ERC President Prof. Jean-Pierre Bourguignon (22/09/2020) WHY EUROPE MUST INVEST IN R&I LONG-TERM NOW

Spichtinger, Daniel (2020) Ein Schuss ins eigene Knie? Österreichs Haltung zum EU-Budget gefährdet den Forschungsstandort Österreich und die Position Europas in der Welt.

Who am I?

I am a specialist in EU research policy with a passion for open access and FAIR data policy. This blog reflects my personal views on these matters. More information about me:

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