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Abstracts from the journal "World Englishes"

British Council FAQ

Debate on "Resisting Linguistic Imperialism in English Teaching" and specifically on the ideology of a textbook called American Kernel Lessons

The Global English Newsletter from The English Company

Graddol, David (1997) The Future of English? Can be downloaded from the British Council Website for free (pdf file)

International Association for World Englishes

Lockard, Joe (1996) "Resisting Cyber-English". Bad Subjects 24 (1996)

Phillipson, Robert: Review of Crystal's "English as a Global Language" (nor really favourable :) )

P.O.W.E.R - Program(me) of World English Research by Loretta Todd (Leeds)

Raley, Rita. What is Global English?

Swift Sabina. (1996) "Re: Linguistic imperialism."

Walfraff, Barbara (2000) What Global Language. In: The Atlantic Monthly Website (includes e-mail exchange between the author and David Crystal as well as a forum)




Carsten H. Andersen (1997) An Administrative Lingua Franca within the EU. A3rd term university project in sociolinguistics

English Language Broadcasts over Europe

Eurobarometer 50

Fettes, Mark. "Europe's Babylon: Towards a single European Language?" also published in Esperanto Documents (1991)

Filipovic, Rudolf (1998) English as a word donor to other languages of Europe. In: Europa 2/1

Global English: The European Lessons. Papers given at the 2001 IATEFL Conference, supported by the Guardian.

How much English can Switzerland take? . Various Articles on English in Switzerland. Swiss Review 3/99

Language Futures Europe


Mulitlingualism: The Key to Success. Paper of the EU Interpreting Service

Slowinski, Joseph. (1998) "SOCRATES Invades Central Europe" EPAA 6/9


Translation Service of the European Commision

Treanor, Paul. "Making Europe Multilingual"

see also: Treanor, Paul "The Languages of Universities."





Parliamentary Discussion on the role of English in the Austrian Education System

(156 - 161)



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