The Spread of English and Its Appropriation.

A Global, a European and an Austrian Perspective.


Magister Thesis (English and American Studies) by

Daniel Spichtinger.


Diplomarbeit (Anglistik & Amerikanistik) von

Daniel Spichtinger.


This page is meant to introduce my thesis (written in English) and to provide information on the global spread of English for those interested in the subject. For further information about me visit my homepage. If you have any questions, comments or criticism write me an e-mail: (masked to avoid SPAM, replace "at" with "@").

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Table of Contents


PDF-Version (new!)

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selected parts of the thesis are available online as html documents:


Structural Outline

Part 1. A Global Perspective (Conclusion and Summary) (updated!)

Bibliography for Part 1

Link List for Part 1

Part 2: A European Perspective (Conclusion and Summary)(updated!)

Bibliography for Part 2

Link List for Part 2

Part 3a: An Austrian Perspective: English in the education system

Part 3b: An Austrian Perspective: English at the university and beyond (includes a summary of the findings from the microstudy) (short version). (updated!)

Bibliography for Part 3 (updated!)

Teaching English as an International Language (TEIL): an outline (updated!)

Conclusion (updated!)


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